Minor Variations

PBC does not have an “on-site minor variation” process. We do however now provide an avenue for a fast tracked MV process via our office:


  1. Applications for MV can be lodged digitally direct to PBC

  2. A processor will check the MV and issue it within 48 hrs (subject to any RFI’s)

  3. Any charges will be kept to a min (typically no more than a 1hr charge, including admin)

  4. Charges will generally be invoiced at the end of the project.


In some cases very minor changes will be dealt with on site by the inspectors by way of clear notations and photographs on the inspection tablet/record.

 Inspectors will in all cases advise on whether work on site can continue or not where it is affected by the MV.

 If you are unsure if your proposed changes to the approved consent will fall within the definition of Minor Variation please consult in the first instance with our Vetting Officers.

 Work that is more significant e.g footprint changes to building, substantial structural changes etc will fall into the formal amendment process and will require full processing and be lodged to council (Planning/DE checks etc) and for the formal issuing of the Building Consent amendment.

 Please also refer to the link below on the MBIE website for more general information regarding the MV process.